Monday, August 20, 2012

Tool #11

I am not in a class room but if  I did it would be a world of learning because this technology stuff is incredible.
As I reflect on what I learned I would be able to communicate with parents and mentors more by using googledocs.  Thanks again for this opportunity to learn more and more.

Tool #10

I believe that all students and parents should be educated on using computers.  I think there should be more computer education for parents to make sure themselves and their kids stay honest to computer programs or sites that are being used.  I would suggest that the parents have a class during day and night on digital citizenship.  I saw a website that would be wonderful for the family to watch together that is

Tool #9

Tool #9 was interesting. Technology has become very interesting to me.  I am researching more stuff than I ever thought I would.  I think kids would benefit with Tutpup and Studyladder in a center/station.  Of course in any thing that you put kids to work on individually and in a group setup you have to monitor but do give them responsibility.  After they work at the center/station you have to have a time for question/answer just to check on what they have learned.
When I tried to set up an account on Tutpup I couldn't because I didn't put enough characters or numbers on my password and after 6 attempts I just looked at the examples of activities.  That was fun and I think the middle kids would like it because they are competitive.  
Studyladder also had some great activities with different levels of difficulties.  This will keep them engaged and involved to do more.  They shouldn't get too bored there are 10 areas of activities to choose from.
Another use for ipad would be skyping and discovery.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tool #8

Alright I don't think I am going to be using this tool much because I am not in a classroom setting.
Although I think an IPad  is a neat technology device to have.
  I am in awe how little that device is with big everyday results for example: the books you can read and pictures you can take, oh the places you can go with an IPad.

Tool #7

Okay Tool #7  well I will be blunt I don't foresee myself ever doing anything with this, but I may scare myself and use it.  So let's see if I would use this tool it would be with our mentors.
I would use SKYPE to introduce and re-introduce mentors to mentees, okay it will probably  work if I would do it.  No promises but I will be willing to try.

Tool #6

Okay this tool we used the WordPress to get the happenings at NMS.  This was great because our principal  sent the weekly bulletins out to get us information we needed to know.  Hey it pays to read it too because I got a week of free blue jean wear.  That link is NMSPrincipal

Another tool we use to work as a team for our kiddos is the Blogspot for our  Kid Team Book Study.
We did a study on a great book called Teach Like a Champion.  This was hard to do if you don't have time to sit and blog but it is great for reading and following.  I would probably continue to use these two only because I have to just being honest.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool #5

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

This was a piece of chocolate cake with 7 layers:).

Okay this was a great tool to use.  I am getting interested in all these tools.  I am amazed with all that is out there.  I will use this and let my mentors see themselves in action.!!!