Monday, August 20, 2012

Tool #9

Tool #9 was interesting. Technology has become very interesting to me.  I am researching more stuff than I ever thought I would.  I think kids would benefit with Tutpup and Studyladder in a center/station.  Of course in any thing that you put kids to work on individually and in a group setup you have to monitor but do give them responsibility.  After they work at the center/station you have to have a time for question/answer just to check on what they have learned.
When I tried to set up an account on Tutpup I couldn't because I didn't put enough characters or numbers on my password and after 6 attempts I just looked at the examples of activities.  That was fun and I think the middle kids would like it because they are competitive.  
Studyladder also had some great activities with different levels of difficulties.  This will keep them engaged and involved to do more.  They shouldn't get too bored there are 10 areas of activities to choose from.
Another use for ipad would be skyping and discovery.

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